Press Quotes


“…she lavished color on oft-neglected lines, illuminated subtle

  beauties, and raged through the storms, always with stunning


                                - New York Concert Review


“…she attacked the finale with unremitting intensity, bringing

     listeners to their feet.”

                                - New York Concert Review


“…admirably colorful playing.”

                               - The Baltimore Sun



“…she created transfixing poetry.”

                              - The Washington Post



 "...she had a flawless sense of the music's ebb, flow and surge.

Cascades of notes glided by ever so elegantly, exquisitely

tapered, with no hint of effort."


                             -The Dallas Morning News



“...[Daneshpour] played with a combination of technical abandon…

  and elegant restraint of tone and volume.”

                              - The Washington  Post


“ Sara Daneshpour, la magnifique “

                             - Le Devoir (Montreal)